Don't drain your pool to fix it
Underwater swimming pool repair saves time and money. We fix and repair cracks and other problems 
  in plaster and fiberglass swimming pools. Repair your pool without draining it. Underwater pool repair by In Pool Repair.
Professional underwater pool repair can save you a significant amount of money and have you enjoying your pool again right away! You not only save on the cost of refilling the pool, but rebalancing it as well with all of the necessary pool chemicals. Underwater pool repair is definitely the way to go.

We serve the San Francisco Bay Area & Las Vegas and we fix a wide variety of common problems underwater in both plaster and fiberglass pools including:
  • Cracks - through specialized crack injection techniques

  • Stain Removal - both rust and chemical stains

  • Plaster Delamination, Pop-Ups & Blistering

  • Drain Covers
underwater pool repair in just hours

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